Climate Change



  • Appoint members who already agree with the very specific details outlined in this memo.
  • Ensure both of these Commissions reflects the diversity (and therefore lived experiences) of our state.
  • Ensure no members on the Commission worked for — or helped represent — the fossil fuel industry and non-renewable energy sources.
  1. Increase the frequency of poultry farm inspections
  • First, I will mandate the MD Public Service Commission to consider climate impacts when approving any new power plants.
  • Second, I would increase the Fossil Fuel fee in our state. Using the pricing structures proposed in a recent MD House bill — we could start at $15/ton CO2 for non-transportation sources and $10/ton CO2 for transportation sources, with an increase of $5/year with no cap until the net emissions from fossil fuels are zero.When we burn coal and natural gas to generate electricity, we don’t pay for the damage these fuels inflict on the climate. This fee would ensure those polluters do and help us tackle the threat of Climate Change.Additionally, this will help us raise around $700 million in new revenue.
  • Third, I will invest more in Trade Schools and Job Training Programs so those who face short-term job loss can be supported and trained into the green new jobs of the future.
  • ​Stop subsidizing trash incinerators
  • ​Stop ​subsidizing paper mills
  • ​Focus ​more on brownfield redevelopment
  • ​Invest ​more in solar, hydro and wind projects


  • Require solar panels on the rooftops of all existing schools and government-owned buildings — starting with the State Capital — as well as encourage and incentivize the development of green roofs.
  • Explore installing solar panels in the grassy medians on highways where there is direct sunlight.
  • Explore Brownfield Redevelopment — areas of land (e.g. old landfills) that have been identified as already too polluted to support housing, education, recreation or agricultural activities, BUT perfect for solar fields.
  • Exempt certain community solar systems from property taxes if they provide at least 50% of the energy they produce to low and moderate income customers.




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He/Him — Youngest person to run for MD Governor — Cancer Survivor — NKF — Obama White House/HUD/HHS