COVID and Beyond


While we must mandate vaccines and masks to keep people safe, and schools/businesses open, we must also understand that public health crises are not unique to COVID. That is why we need political leaders willing to take bold steps to protect the lives and livelihoods of Marylanders.


  • Mandate masks for all customers when infectious diseases are involved.
  • Ensure all businesses have temperature checking machines, spare masks for customers and staff, hand sanitizer, and designated hours for at-risk population shopping in the case of essential businesses such as grocery stores and banks.
  • Keep people on payrolls by providing incentives to businesses to adapt their business model and retain income and providing low to no-interest loans to businesses should they continue to pay their employees. This would stop massive layoffs and ensure that people are able to continue providing for themselves and keep businesses running.
  • Provide financial relief including direct cash assistance, increased food aid and eviction protections.
  • Protect public health by ensuring full health coverage for all related care and protections for front-line workers by Maryland Health Connection insurance providers as well as any government-provided insurance policies.
  • How many people are in each group and subgroup?
  • How will they be able to access vaccinations (hospitals, county clinics, pharmacies)?
  • And how do we provide clarity in real-time?


I learned that we cannot rely solely on the federal government for support. As Governor, I will work hard to ensure we are not only better prepared to handle a similar crisis in the future, but do so in a way that can function even if the federal government is unable or unwilling to assist.

  • We should utilize university research labs to expand the capacity of testing
  • We can convert empty hotels into medically supervised isolation facilities
  • And we must understand that racial, social and economic disparities will occur. One way to address this is by investing in more “Mobile Public Health Education Units” that drive through neighborhoods to get more information directly to those at highest risks. This would include information specifically intended to educate communities about risks and provide resources for testing and treatment. This would also ensure that regardless of what language you speak; your economic, immigration, or housing status; sexual orientation, or gender, you will be able to have access to life-saving resources in the case of similar public health emergencies.


We need to leverage this pivotal moment in our history to build ourselves up across our great state.

  • Rebuild trust in our institutions by focusing on hyper-local public health messaging delivered by trusted messengers of those communities
  • Close gaps in immunization requirements that could allow for other potential infectious diseases to spread
  • Need to create centralized and statewide vaccination sites and appointment systems.



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He/Him — Youngest person to run for MD Governor — Cancer Survivor — NKF — Obama White House/HUD/HHS