Eastern Shore — A True Partner

Residents on the Eastern Shore will have a sincere and genuine partner in me — both as a candidate for Governor and in my administration.

Not only have I addressed comprehensive and detailed policy solutions (since January 2021) that will tangibly benefit the residents on the Shore, but I have also included these residents in every aspect of my campaign from day one.

These policies include affordable housing, quality healthcare, improved public schools, improving our climate, support for small businesses , assistants to our senior residents, and a more sustainable economic recovery with lower taxes and decreased costs of living (through my Maryland Now Plan).

Instead of speaking AT Marylanders, I’m speaking WITH them.

Here are my detailed answers to questions presented by the “Lower Shore Progressive Caucus” at a Virtual Gubernatorial Town Hall:



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He/Him — Youngest person to run for MD Governor — Cancer Survivor — NKF — Obama White House/HUD/HHS