As a proud Asian-American and son of Asian immigrants, I know that the recent surge in hate and violence isn’t new to our community. Unfortunately — as our BIPOC brothers & sisters can also attest to — racism and bigotry are a constant presence in our lives, as they have been embedded into many of our institutions.

As such, we must do a better job of increasing political representation at all levels of our government, and do more to bring people to the table. That’s why I’m running for Governor, and why I’ve been mindful to run an incredibly inclusive and accessible campaign.

We must also understand that immigrant/minority issues are not singular, and should be addressed in a comprehensive way. That’s why I have advocated — and included detailed policy proposals — for affordable housing, quality healthcare, equitable schools, small business reform, language specialists, preventing police departments in the state from cooperating with ICE for non-violent offenders, and including ITIN members (i.e. taxpayers) in tax relief programs.

In the past, I’ve helped organize the state to get the Maryland Dream Act passed in 2012, and was the first candidate in my 2018 Montgomery County Council race to advocate for Sanctuary County policies.

I have also been vocal in my support for “Right to Counsel” laws that help refugees — who have come to Maryland — gain access to critical legal assistance with their valid claims to remain in the United States.

To be an American is to protect the rights of all those who call our great country home. We are a nation of immigrants (don’t forget that unless you’re Native American, you ARE an immigrant) and must do a better job of practical solutions that build and strengthen our communities.

2022 MD Governor Candidate — cancer survivor, MD native, public school grad, Obama-Biden alum #OurVoiceOurVote — Archana Gupta, Treas.