The world has changed and our politics needs to adapt. So with a completely vacant Governor’s seat for the first time in a decade, I’m running for two main reasons:

  • The first is to make our state government more representative, transparent and accountable by focusing on Inclusion, Banning Corruption and ensuring Equal Access
  • The second is to take a comprehensive approach to solving our issues by focusing on my “Relief, Recovery and Reform” agenda.

While I address the latter point — in detail — in each of the other policy sections, here is how I will address the first:


It’s also important to note that when you vote for a Governor, you’re also voting for the person who will choose the next state Cabinet and Administration. As such, I will work to create the most diverse administration in our state’s history by hiring qualified individuals who also reflect the great diversity of our state.

We need to bring more women, people of color, LGBTQ and persons with disabilities to the table. Because the more leaders we have with similar lived experiences to residents, the more sincere they’ll be when enforcing policies.

There are 2 ways to accomplish this: (1) increase outreach and ensure the applicant pool includes more diverse candidates; (2) focus on professional development and retention of appointees.

I did this in the Obama-Biden White House; I’m doing it in my current campaign; and I am committed to doing this in Annapolis.


  • Impose a 4-year lobbying ban for the Governor, Lt. Governor and agency heads from becoming corporate lobbyists after they leave their positions.
  • Require the Governor, Lt. Governor and agency heads to place any of their personal businesses into a blind trust to be sold off if elected. No one should profit off these positions of power.
  • Ban the Governor, Lt. Governor and agency heads from owning stocks or serving on for-profit corporate boards while in office.
  • Ensure that every taxpayer dollar that is spent by the state government — to private contractors or lobbying groups — is made public and transparent.


I also have never, and will never, accept any donations from corporations and businesses, and will make all contributions to my campaign public, accessible and transparent.

2022 MD Governor Candidate — cancer survivor, MD native, public school grad, Obama-Biden alum #OurVoiceOurVote — Archana Gupta, Treas.

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