For residents in Western Maryland — who often feel neglected, discounted and disrespected by our state leaders — I am committed to being your advocate and sincere partner.

I addressed comprehensive and detailed policy solutions (since January 2021) that will tangibly benefit the residents who live in this part of our state, but I have also included these residents in every aspect of my campaign from day one and consistently show up to meet residents door-to-door.

These policies include affordable housing, quality healthcare, improved public schools, improving our climate, support for small businesses , increased tourism, assistants to our senior residents, and a more sustainable economic recovery with lower taxes and decreased costs of living (through my Maryland Now Plan).

Instead of speaking AT Marylanders, I’m speaking WITH them.



Black residents in Maryland deserve a Governor who will understand how important their issues are to the state, but also understands how these issues do not live in silos.

Here are my detailed answers to questions presented by the “Our Black Party” at a Virtual Gubernatorial Town Hall:

A Commitment To Equity
The Black Agenda — Criminal Justice
The Black Agenda — Small Business
The Black Agenda — Housing Reform
The Black Agenda — NonProfits
The Black Agenda — Education Reform

For more details about our campaign — or the 150+ policy details I’ve shared since January 2021 — visit




He/Him — Youngest person to run for MD Governor — Cancer Survivor — NKF — Obama White House/HUD/HHS